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We often receive email and phone requests for finding a Scottish Terrier puppy  or locating a Scottie that needs a 2nd chance at a forever home.  Depending upon where you live and your level of patience you may be tempted to succumb to an ad in your local newspaper or an irresistible puppy at a local pet store.   A number of us may have had our first Scottish Terrier experiences and often health related heartbreaks as a result of our inadequate knowledge when we brought our first Scottish Terrier home.  We urge caution in either of these instances….no matter how good the price may seem.   


Tom Bronsky & Monty (Bronsky) meeting for the first

time at the Wisconsin Humane Society in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

It is the policy of the Door County Scottie Rally to not endorse any particular breeder or kennel but to simply provide information in the hope that potential Scottie owners will do their homework and become educated in becoming the best Scottie home possible.  To that end we are fortunate that the Scottish Terrier Club of America (STCA) exists and has published incredible resources for interested persons. You will find the appropriate STCA links by clicking on the bones below.