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The launching of the annual Door County Scottie Rally is meant as a living tribute to the love of our lives, Shayna McPunim Bronsky—our first Scottish Terrier.  Shayna enabled us to enjoy all the silly things in life…and to appreciate every moment we have.  She was the most loyal companion…who provided us with her own special “snooter art” on the car windows…and had developed her own style of ringing the “ Shayna bell” with that special bark she had..that said I’m ready to come back in!  Her favorite things to do included baiting us to chase her, chasing squirrels, snuggling on mom’s shoulder, kissing dad’s head/hands…and trying to carry as many chewies in her mouth at one time; an event for which she set the record at seven!  She loved being kissed on the side of her head and would delight us every day with her laughter as she would worm around on her back and vocalize sounds of sheer delight.  From the moment we picked her out…we knew we were in for a lifetime of special days and exquisite moments. 

If you would like to place a dedication to your Scottie(s)…please email us with your information and a photo if at all possible.  Photos will be returned ONLY if they are  accompanied by a SASE.