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Spirit of Shayna Award



Shayna McPunim Bronsky was the inspiration behind the development of the Door County Scottie Rally. Her unconditional love and acceptance of life events taught us much about the importance of family, acceptance, loyalty and perhaps above all—patience. In spite of a diagnosis of Cushing’s Disease at the age of almost 10, the diagnosis and treatment options of Transitional Cell Cancer (bladder) in the fall of 2000 was difficult for all of us. She eventually succumbed to Transitional Cell Bladder Cancer in the Fall of 2001 after a heroic year which included hosting the very first Scottie Rally, a couple of chemotherapy courses, surgery and finally palliative treatment to keep her comfortable. Shayna was a hardy girl with a spirit that could be ignited with simply a meeting of our eyes! Two weeks before she transitioned to the Rainbow Bridge she gave her mom the gift of walking their usual 3 mile route through the woods and one last “Parade” in which she was the sole marcher. Her presence in our lives has been a gift and she had an incredible spirit which we will always remember. The Spirit of Shayna Award was created in 2005 to honor an individual or couple’s significant effort(s) on behalf of Scottish Terriers.


Candidates for the Spirit of Shayna Award may be nominated by any one familiar with the candidate’s contributions to the enhancement of the Scottish Terrier.

Selection Criteria

Candidates considered for the Spirit of Shayna Award will:

  • Have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the mission of the Door County Scottie Rally with an 

Emphasis on at least one of the following aspects:

  1. Promotion and marketing of the Door County Scottie Rally 
  2. Contributed extensive volunteer hours in supporting the Door County Scottie Rally through public speaking/education about the Scottish Terrier breed or fostering &/or rescue efforts or 
  3. Contributed in kind services which significantly impact the outcomes/success of the Door County Scottie Rally
  4. Have attended at least three Scottie Rallys 

Possess the following qualities:

  1. Compassion towards Scottish Terriers 
  2. Creativity o Consistent willingness to take on volunteer assignments 
  3. Seeks opportunities to contribute to the organization &/or Scottie Rally 
  4. Communication style contributes to problem-solving and/or planning 


Print out Mail In Nomination Form (click to download)


Braveheart Award




Scottish Terriers have long been known as dogs with short legs but “mighty attitudes.” It is perhaps this attitude which includes dignity, courage and tenacity which allows many of these dogs to survive the most incredible odds. Unfortunately there are times when Scotties are abandoned, abused and/or neglected and end up in shelters, on the streets or if lucky are turned into responsible facilities/organizations. We recognize that every Scottie has a journey to make in

Their life and at times a particular journey can be laden with additional physical and/or emotional challenges. The Braveheart Award was established in 2006 in honor of all Rescue Scots that have brought joy, unconditional love and loyalty to our hearts and homes; and to recognize the strength and value of Scottish Terriers who are given 2nd chances at finding a forever home. The Braveheart Award highlights the rescued Scottish Terrier who has beat the most incredible odds and inspires all of us.


Candidates for the Braveheart Award may be nominated by a family member, friend, veterinarian, Rescue Coordinator or volunteer. The nominator must be familiar with the nominee’s background and history with respect to their Scottie(s) and be able to succinctly describe/depict this information on the nomination form.

Selection Criteria

Candidates considered for the Braveheart award will meet at least 2 of the following criteria:

  1. Candidates considered for the Braveheart Award will meet at least 2 of the following criteria:
  2. Have been a Rescue Scottie
  3. Have attended at least one Door County Scottie Rally
  4. Possess the following qualities: 
    1. Progress towards overcoming physical and/or emotional challenges 
    2. Tenacity in spite of the odds
  5. OR be a human who has played an extraordinary role in the rescue of a Scottie withchallenges or group of Scotties.


Nomination Submission Details: Deadline:

April 1st of each calendar year.

Nominations are preferred to be received via email at: dcscottierally@gmail.com or may be mailed to: DCSR, POB 337, Baileys Harbor, WI 54202.

Selection of The Award Recipient

Selection of the award recipient shall be completed by the DCSR Board of Directors    

Print out Mail In Nomination Form (Click to Download)